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About Us
Santa Lucia Group will be making some major changes in the
next few months, eventually becoming a non-profit

During this transition period,
Earth Design, Inc.
will be providing many of the same services that were
provided by the Santa Lucia Group. Earth Design, located in
San Luis Obispo County, offers a wide range of assessment,
planning, design and facilitation services. Earth Design has a
team of professionals dedicated in the pursuit of improving
planning and the conservation of our resources, including
people, land, water, and habitat.

We encourage you to contact Earth Design for assistance in
sustainable land use planning; community planning;
economic development plans; environmental site
assessment, erosion control; river and stream stabilization
and restoration; agency permit coordination through local,
state and federal agencies; and meeting facilitation and
conflict mediation as well as grant preparation.
Santa Lucia Group
Specializing in:
Community and Regional Planning and Design
Environmental Studies and Reports
Meeting Facilitation and Dispute Mediation
Economic Development
Erosion Control
Stream and River Restoration and Stabilization
Energy Conservation
Permit Coordination
Volunteer Coordination
Grant Application Assistance
Improving the Knowledge of our Surroundings

(see details and additional information on this website)

Combined over sixty years of experience in conservation
planning and environmental studies.

Se habla español.
Photo of Mural from artist Deryl Day
Other photos & Designs by Don Funk & Doreen Liberto Blanck
Santa Lucia Group
Planning &
Spyglass-South Palisades Specific Plan
About the Managing Partners of the Santa Lucia Group:

Doreen Liberto-Blanck AICP, MDR, ACR: Managing Partner with Santa Lucia Group.
Ms. Liberto-Blanck is a very experienced community planner, environmental planner,
economic development advisor, educator, permit coordination, professional facilitator
and mediator. Ms. Liberto-Blanck has been a department director and agency director
for small to medium sized jurisdictions and author of numerous technical publications
(click to read:
Paradigm Shift in Planning Profession).  She has mediated and
facilitated a number of multi-stakeholder projects at all levels of government and
worked on countless legislative and quasi-administrative projects. She is on the Udall
Foundation US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution National Roster of
Environmental Dispute Resolution and Consensus Building Professionals. She is a
member of the Cambria Center for the Arts.

Ms. Liberto-Blanck currently serves as the consulting Community Development Director
for the City of King. Ms. Liberto-Blanck served on the San Luis Obispo County Planning
Commission from 1999 to July 2005, and was Chairperson twice.   She is on the Cal
Poly University San Luis Obispo City and Regional Planning Department Adjunct
Faculty lecturing undergraduate and graduate students.  She has made a number of
presentations at the League of California Cities’ Annual Conference, Planners’
Institute and American Planning Association conferences.

Donald J. Funk CPESC, QSD/QSP: Managing Partner with the Santa Lucia Group. He is
a member of the Association of Environmental Professionals. He serves as the
consulting Principal Planner for the City of King. For ten years he served as the
Resource Conservation District's Erosion Control Specialist, Project Review Planner,
River Restoration project designer and Project Construction Site Manager. He has
coordinated stream restoration and erosion control projects with USDA NRCS
engineers for over ten years. He also provides technical assistance in drainage and
erosion control for the San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department as well as
the City of Paso Robles. He is a member of the Cambria Center for the Arts.

He has worked for public agencies as a community and environmental planner. Mr.
Funk was the former Vice-President and founding partner with the Morro Group, an
environmental consulting firm located in San Luis Obispo, California. He helped
American Watersheds, a non-profit organization located in Paso Robles.
He is a skilled designer, and environmental planner. He is a founding member of
Manos Hermanas Foundation, helping poor women and children in Colombia. He is an
accomplished artist. He also is a certified domestic violence counselor and works as a
volunteer assisting RISE, the former North County Women's Shelter.
San Luis Obispo Creek
Restoration Project
Spyglass-South Palisades
Specific Plan
Santa Lucia Group
A Professional Consulting Network
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Open Space and Terrace Walk
Spyglass-South Palisades
Specific Plan
An Interpretation of Original Art by Diego Rivera
Mural painted by local artist, Deryl Day
Location: King City Medical Clinic
Planning - Environmental - Community
Involvement - Design - Conservation
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
Santa Lucia Mountains, Big Sur
A Conservation Consulting Network
We support Manos Hermanas
Foundation and RISE, the North County
Women's Shelter and Resource Center
"The feeling of connection to our fellow creatures, nature, and the Cosmos is the psychological and
emotional basis of mental health; insanity is the consequence of its loss." (John A. Gowan)
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